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Hungry Hungry Heads

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Author Comments

My first flash game! Created for Nutritionhawk.com
Arrows: Movement
Shift: Slowmo
Space: Pause

please review and give feedback!


Not bad

Graphics were all right, game play was decent for a small file size, speed of the game was well adjusted to provide somewhat of challenge(good design on your part), no sound though it might be better staying the way it is(looping background music would probably get annoying). Overall for your first game you did a great job, good luck on future projects.

Much too fast

Nice simple concept, but the game speed is much MUCH too fast. Even with the slowdown power.

zipcodeman responds:

the game is supposed to be hard, but that could also but the auto-optimization, (me trying to compensate that i made the game @ 60 fps when i should have made it at 30) but thanks for playing


The animation was ok, but no sound.

But really, it is a game, not a cartoon, the control was wacky, and the food were coming down in bunches. There was no way to keep from hitting the bad foods. Constantly hitting them. It was annoying. Make the character a little smaller, with a better response to the keys, and try not to have so many objects falling, in patterns that make it impossible to get broccoli without eating 7 pieces of cake!

zipcodeman responds:

my apologies for the key problem, what i was doing was attempting to optimize the speed of movement with relation to the true FPS of the game, and the whole system is a little finicky, the major problem was that i started with 60 fps, and had many issues arise from it, thanks for your input

Nice first attempt..

The game is really fast, and there's no music.

But it's your first go, so I forgive.

zipcodeman responds:

that was probably auto-optimization a very finicky system, and i couldn't seem to find a suitable background tune, i will work on that more in future though.

Pretty good!

The whole concept of this game was a little strange, I mean with cakes, bananas, fish and stuff falling from the sky. The whole game could be improved with some sound, or a background song. Really good for your first game though!
Good luck with all your future games!

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zipcodeman responds:

it doesn't rain food where you come from? but in all seriousness, it was unusually hard to find a good background loop that wouldn't drive me crazy, so i gave up.

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2.22 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2008
11:53 PM EST
Skill - Other