Squijjit escape

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I made this game quite a while ago.
i only spent a day on it to its not exactly brilliant. but it was fun to make.
it is however very glitchy.


Pretty good

It was pretty good over all, I loved the sound, and the drawing was great, and was great for only a days work. Good job :)

perpetual-mind responds:

lol, thanx :3
you may be pleased to hear im making another XD
only this time im spending more time on it!!


: might make a full lengthed one some time. and actually animate and draw it well XD
draw and animate it well? u realy underestimate urself that was better than anything i cud ever draw and i reckon the drawing is better than some of the realy popular stuff here
i liked it! make moire!

perpetual-mind responds:

lol, i realy dont see why so many people like this, but yes. i will make more :3


I'm going to go with the general consensus on this one and say it's way too short to be too entertaining.

The artwork and animation in this flash movie are of a higher quality than most of the crap pooped out into the portal. However, being such a short experience, I can't say much more about it.

Obviously, the gameplay suffers greatly from only having had worked on it for a day. It probably would've been a bit more entertaining if the text that told you what to do was taken out, leaving it up to the player to help that poor...thing.
Variety in the gameplay was also lacking; there's only one way to cut him down (safely), and only one outcome to that (safe) action. And where the hell does he go after he escapes? Why was he even there in the first place?

Simple and non-obtrusive is the way to go with games like this, as most players would be concentrating on how to get the character out. It fits the setting very well.

I think the only thing this game truly suffers from is not having enough time put into it. Granted, it probably wasn't meant to be anything bigger than it is, but I really believe that there might be some gold to be found in this little scrap of a flash. Please, try and develop this idea some more and give us a great flash game that's front-page worthy. I know you're capable of doing that if you put more work into it.

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perpetual-mind responds:

Thanks for the very insightfull review.
it will come in handy, since iv decided to make another XD
well, i wont class this as a full game, more as a warmer upper.
but yeah, reviews came out much better than i was expecting on this. so im going to go with what the majority of the reviews have been asking for and im going to make a new one.
harder, better, faster and stronger!


Thats it? It was ok.

perpetual-mind responds:

lol, as stated in the authors comments.
i was working on it for under a day.
music and all.

pretty good

but it was too short and it was too easy. perhaps you could make extra levels or something

perpetual-mind responds:

i only realy made this for a little fun.
i never intended to make it too long or even to post it on the net.
i might make a full lengthed one some time. and actually animate and draw it well XD

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2.83 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2008
6:29 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click