Congratulations, John!

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We all think you'll make a great leader.

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Oh boy. I love these submissions because the make people so upset for some reason. Ha, what is there to get offended by on a flash like this? The ones that were like, OMG HE DIDN'T WIN MAN. That's what makes submissions like this worth it every now and then. Of course I'm required to make a real review and everything so... It wasn't really much in terms of graphics. Perhaps something more than just a picture flipping back and forth and a little message at the bottom. There we go, done with that. Anyway, did you make one for Obama too? So if Obama lost you could submit it and get the same reaction from people?

Sidorio responds:

No, I knew John would loose. He's just too shit.


so stupid that i will put highscores to be annoying!

Sidorio responds:

That's the way it's done, champ.


I loved the song on this, McCain could`ve won, but obama did instead, but then again, there will always be winners and losers sometimes

Sidorio responds:

I would lol if McCain had been elected and died the day after.

A hero....

While I find McCain to be personally distasteful in policy and royally unfit to be president, he was tortured quite enough already for this country and you would do well to remember that before you make fun of a great man.

Sidorio responds:

I wonder if they stuck anything up his ass.


What the hell is this? This is spam thats what it is. Honestly, I have no idea what to think about this, its not funny, or anything. I am an avid Obama supporter but, this is merely a degredation of McCain, who is a great man. This "sarcasm" is not even funny. This doesnt belong in the portal, it belongs in the trash.

Sidorio responds:

You're just jealous of my killa skillz.

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Nov 5, 2008
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