DBZ-PE 2.31

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This is really the last edition.
I've erased the members zone because it made alot of confusion, now everything is unlocked to begin with.
I've fixed some bugs so even if you won't be able to load the sounds from my server (if it shuts down some day), you will still be able to play with no sound.
Ofcourse the gameplay has improved and I changed some skills in order to balance everything.
Also, some options that slowed down old computers were turned off by default.

The sounds loading might seem infinite, especially for those of you with slow connections.
I simply can't display the loading progress of the sounds here on newgrounds.
Anyways just leave it to load for a few minutes (I know it is a very long loading time).

If you haven't played the game because you ran out of patience, or if you just hate DBZ, please don't vote or write me a review like "It's not working", because it is.

The co-author of this game is Emi-Killer, which I couldn't add as a Co-Author since he no longer enters newgrounds.
Emi-Killer has drawn and animated all of the characters in the game.

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Wow, this game was surprisingly good, the final fight against Majin Vegeta was disappointing to say the least, I could just do a Super Saiyan 4 Kamehameha, but still, great game

DUDE THIS GAME IS EPIC YA ITS JUST STICK FIGHTERS BUT STILL I MEAN LIKE FIVE STARS BRO unfortionitly i thought this had ssjb you need to update it to have ssjb and legendary ssj and also make it where you can fight people online or where you can custamize your cac also it reminded me of this goku vs jiren thing i saw on youtube

Majin vegeta was a bit too easy with the ssj4. All you have to do is go ssj4 then hold x on kamhemaha then he is dead before half your energy is up!

I would give it five stars, but the sound simply isn't loading. I'm not sure it's an issue on your part (your servers are gone), or on mine (my firewall is blocking the sound downloads). This version is a improvement on the other version (hit detection hated me) and I love it!

My sound wasn't loading at all
But awesome game

Credits & Info

4.63 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2008
6:38 AM EST
Action - Fighting - VS