Radial Frustration

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Okay, this one is a weird game. In fact, I didn't start it out to be a game. Here it is, though, get the dot to the "X" and you will progress a level. I'm going to start a new game too so stay tuned! :D

Version History:

1116: Final, adds tons of fixes. Newgrounds won't let me upload mp3s so music doesn't work, don't worry though, I'll be gettting it up to my own site.

1111: Built November 11. Add an anti-cheat for a certain bug my friend found. Adds basic fade in effects.

1104: Built November 4, 2008. Adds level editor and slightly optimized code. Adds a preloader, though I doubt it's needed.

1030: Built October 30, 2008. Mostly done, but the next version will have optimized code, music, and more features.

Also, I recommend you DO NOT use a trackpad as it will make it more difficult. Thanks to gotoandlearn.com for their carousel tutorial which helped in making the physics in the game. Thanks for not blamming me off the face of the earth ;) .

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Your game made me feel stupid....again...

P.S. Guess who this is...=P

TetrisMaster512 responds:

Hi Smurf. :P


i must suck..couldnt get past the 6bomb one..:-l......

Passed a lot of time.

Suprisingly, it killed some time. However, it's quite a dull game and visually wasn't too impressive.

TetrisMaster512 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I made graphics simple cause I started it that way, but I could edit the blocks in Photoshop and give some fire effects or the like.


cant wait till u add the level editor, i would have some fun with that.......

TetrisMaster512 responds:

I'm adding the level editor now. And no, you won't be able to go overboard.The max number of blocks allowed is gonna be like 18. :P

... son of a

tink u fooled me? i knew it when i saw the game lol fatel error my ass!

TetrisMaster512 responds:

The "fatal Error" level was just a result of the fact I was too lazy to continue the noob levels.

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2008
7:09 PM EST
Skill - Other