Little Bioshock

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I finally finished this medium length parody after almost 2 months of working on it.

It is a parody of BIoshock released by 2k games. This being a parody of the game, you wont get the jokes unless you've played it. There is also a reference to a super-bowl commercial on the last scene.

all reviews will be responded to

And most of all. Enjoy!!

Audio credits

Bioshock soundtrack
gamma ray
sonata arctica


The shockyness

Frick yeah man! I loved the part with Fontain, I mean pepsi. 8 out of ten only because my speakers arent all that good and the sound I could not really hear, but I gave it a fair score right? 4/5 8/10 I am on my second attempt at beating that game on hard, any tips?


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TheL1st responds:

don't you mean pepsi with lime? machine gun with anit personal and armor pericing rounds with a fully upgraded shotgun

Made me laugh.

It was funny but I didn't really like the animation.

Synced well with the sound, though.

TheL1st responds:

i found that if you lay it directly on the timeline it tends to get off sync. so i do that first then go through and copy the frames into a movie clip. that way they can't play before they are supposed to.


well it was funny at the beggining until he reached the radio...
after that was chit chat...
but i'm gonna give you 4\5 for your good effort

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TheL1st responds:

I'll take your guys advice (specially about the graphics) to make my next one even better, im hoping to get a daily 5th (or better) at some point, but i know that takes a lot of work. I feel like i am getting there eventually

Hahah pretty good!

That was quite an enjoyable submission :D
(Especially the music! \m/)
Funny jokes, interesting ideas, nice voice acting (but could be improved)
However, the only thing that was bringing you down was the animation... which is just pure "practise makes perfect" so good luck! :D

TheL1st responds:

yes my graphics seem to bring my scores down every submission, im saving up for a tablet and maybe once i get the hang of it my scores will go up.


Well ive played BioShock AND Beaten it, this is a decent flash..
Sound/Music 9/10
Animation/Art 4/10 (was kinda like WTF??)

TheL1st responds:

Yah the main characters is kinda strange, but you never see your guy in game so i just kinda made it that guy with the big head.

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3.89 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2008
5:57 PM EST
Comedy - Parody