Little Bioshock

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I finally finished this medium length parody after almost 2 months of working on it.

It is a parody of BIoshock released by 2k games. This being a parody of the game, you wont get the jokes unless you've played it. There is also a reference to a super-bowl commercial on the last scene.

all reviews will be responded to

And most of all. Enjoy!!

Audio credits

Bioshock soundtrack
gamma ray
sonata arctica


Hilarious, but needs better art

It was funny, and I loved all the inside jokes. The one complaint I have was that you do really need to work on the graphics, I got sick of staring at that deformed Jack thing. 9/10

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TheL1st responds:

lol, for all you know thats what he looks like!
but thanks for the view, reviews and compliments


The building wasn't convieniently placed, when jack opens the gift he slips under the genetic programming that fontaine fucked 'im up with, takes out a pistol (they didnt have metal scanners at airports in the 60's) or no-smoking rules it seems.
ANYWAYS. He shoots the pilot, and the co-pilot, and turns the plane as close as as possible to the lighthouse and smashes the plane down beneath the waves.
And the note? Read it, its co-ordinates (NESW Lat-Lon) to rapture. It triggers him going under.

Nice flushing noise for the bathysphere though. :3

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TheL1st responds:

this was a parody not a documentary, it wouldn't be as funny if the sign said nothing (wanted to have a joke early on) and i don't think it would be funny if it said "everytings a set up and your a mind slave for tow thirds of the game XD...

glad you enjoyed it?

and i just watched the opening scene again, all it says is would you kindly


im not the new pepsi im the new pepsi with lime

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TheL1st responds:

i know, i wrote it, but thanks for the 10 =D


this was a awsome video u should make a number two

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TheL1st responds:

not until bioshock two

Pretty good

Your animation skills need a bit work but That was good =]

TheL1st responds:

u signed up uesterday, your point is moot

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3.89 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2008
5:57 PM EST
Comedy - Parody