GunChest Episode 05_02

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I strongly recommend Korean voice accting virson...when you watch it.

You can see also previous GunChest Episodes on newgrounds.
Please search 'gunchest' on NG search tool bar.

Hi! Everyone. I would like to introduce you to the complete story for GunChest.

GunChest is made of 18 episodes, each approximately 4 to 5 minutes.
We have introduced you to GunChest a couple of years ago.
Now we have the complete story.
It may take a little time to pre-load. We ask you for your patience.
For more information, please visit our website at www.gun-chest.com.


It's the year 2057. Boarder lines have disappeared between countries through trade wars. It is not a war between countries, but a war between major enterprises. An enterprise had the power to alter the decisions of a country. Such strange phenomenon has made the trade wars bitter. The fittest enterprises got together to come up with a new system that would cut off the rising forces of other enterprise.
They come up with a new alternative: An alternative trade system that will become a barrier to all future entries: A method to cut down the logistics costs to unimaginable amount; a transportation system that will cut across the Pacific Ocean; and an establishment of a gigantic city with mass production in mind. But, the historical project holds a major flaw.
For the project to succeed, it had to overcome the natural disasters of the Pacific Ocean. Although major scientists and architects opposed, enterprises pushed the project forward. The project, days away from completion, is met with great catastrophe. The natural disasters of the Pacific Ocean results in lost lives. The lives of scientists and workers are lost. More devastating was the fact that although lives were detected, no measure could be used to reach them and save them.
Major material and man power loss resulted as such and some giant companies file bankruptcy. Through this disaster, the prices of necessities and industrial products start to soar. The world is swirled in an era of inflation.
Meanwhile, Korea and Japan joint ventured in developing 'cell robots' that can make decisions by analyzing the variables sensed in its environment. These scientists have acquired the permission from International Human Rights Association to use these robots. These robots become the first independent decision making clone beings.
Furthermore, the newly built city is programmed to be run by these robots. A community populated solely by robots is built: the Mono-Community. But, there are forces that are against the great project. They are on the move to destroy the city.
They call themselves the "Bleeding Fists." To fight against these forces, it was inevitable to produce powerful police robots: the Gunchest series. A total of 45 Gunchests were produced, but, only one remains.

The last Gunchest, Gunchest Vol. 45 fights against the evil forces.


Gonna go watch the others.

I was unfamiliar with your work until I saw this, but I think I'm going to go and watch the rest of the series. The artwork was magnificent, and the animation smooth and consistent. Well done.

Meh.. more of the same.

When this thing started it was amazing. The animation is still excellent, but I still can't get over the voice acting. Though I think it might have improved slightly... its still very lifeless.

This episode is more of the same, glimpses of action, Gunchest gets owned... yawn.

The animator has so much talent, but the general story is really wearing out.

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Kewl dude

wow i am amazed! i havet seen this series b4 but its pretty cool. keep up the good work

Still love it

I don't care what everyone else thinks. I enjoy the series alot and I admire your work. The only thing that gets me is the voices. The english version sounds somewhat funny but the korean voices were impressive. Can you at least put more expression into the english one? Thanks!

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I agree with Psychoticbear

In my opinion the series is still great, but all Gunchest, and his team do are get their asses kicked. Some of my series ended up like that too, but I fixed it by making them train, or get new weapons. All Gunchest does is fly forward yelling, and firing away his pistols, the black guy always swing shis chain gun down, and fires away, but it doesn't help a lick, and the chick is useless. The crew just get beaten up too much, I doubt the enemies are THAT strong to where Team Bandage can't learn their attack patterns. Big is just, well Big. And the chick could just be held down by the Black, and S while Cunchest blows her brains out. The big green guy kicks ass, and I enjoyed the fight between him, and Gunchest. It showed that Gunchest needed some improvement on his fighting abilities, and showed that new weapons are in order. Did he get anything new in the later episodes? No. He just got a crappier body than the one he has now. The series still gives me that warm feeling, and has soo many original characters it amazing, you just need to make team Bandage a bit stronger, and stop making the enemies ALWAYS win every battle, Bandage are the heroes after all.
~Adam Whaley

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Nov 4, 2008
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