McCain/Palin Voters

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I just wanted to say, you can vote for whoever you want to vote for. If you don't like Barack's politics and you want to choose McCain, that's fine. That would be an informed choice. This video is about the racist/ignorant people who have been at the McCain/Palin rallies. My hope is that they will see how ridiculous they have been and maybe change their ways. I doubt it, but it's worth a shot. END OF COMMENT****.

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It was an interesting take

Notbad of an animation entry here, it had alot of style alot interesting stuff going on, The animation and art style reminds me of some old great flashworks from awhile ago, but what I liked about this and that one was that it was a unique piece, and very stylish just like this one is, I will Recommend some extras and some slight improvments on this if it needs ofcourse. I will say that this was an interesting take on things, wish we knew what we know now back then lol but anyways the racist jokes are ok but I wouldnt label that on everyone but still an amusing flash here, I really took a liking to this flash, and grew on me there was lots of nice stuff on this, and overall got a good feeling from it and was great to see, now ofcourse it could be better and with some more effort it can be just that, so hope soon to see more of this and much more of your work, anyways untill then keep it real. and keep making these kinds of nifty flash submissions.

I Wrote up a few ideas Despite if they will get used, but some of them you may Re-Invent into some positive results, So anyways Hope all the tips, and ideas helped, For the mostpart this was pretty good and it has potential to be even better with such suggested improvments. here is what I came up with. Maybe more simple jokes then just all racist types the race card is easy to use but im sure humor can come from all directions.


It's true... and I am soo glad Obama won...

Back when I was on the phones a girl was crying after someone told her he was not voting for obama just for that reason. I got hung up on several times...


I gave you a 2, but only for your decent animation.

There will always be radical people on EITHER side of politics. Sure, some "ignorant" people ( and by ignorant, racist people, lets say what you really mean, White rednecks) don't want to vote for Obama because he's black. And I agree that's wrong.

Although, how many black people voted for him just because he IS black? Many as well.

I approve of Obama, and respect him, but videos like this just make you look like a biased twat. Look at both sides of an issue, and maybe YOU won't be the ignorant one next time.


It's okay, it's not showing that he hates Obama but why people didn't vote for him. Then again there is a lot of problems with people voting for Obama because he IS black. I had a friend tell me that's the only reason he voted for him.


Another one of your videos rising controversy ... Why am I not surprised?
I like the whole thing you're one of my favorite artists but politions work for the government not for the public so thats a lost cause brudda

Anyways the whole animation was great as usual great use of colors and audio etc

all of these guys criticizing this .. just don't dis anything unless you can actually do better.

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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2008
9:03 AM EST
Comedy - Parody