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The Cell

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Welcome to The Cell - can you escape a room with no doors or windows?

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Somewhat decent idea, absolutely horrid execution. In order to interact with something you have to be less than a centimeter away from the item you want to interact with. The music is an annoying as hell loop that you can't mute without muting the entire freaking site. Had a lot more potential, but it was all wasted.

The note says not to use my fist, but my mind.

I proceed to kick a hole in the wall.

Not bad at all...

...but now that i jumped through the scape pit...where i am falling to??? I will crush!!!


@ whenfatpeoplefall > noob, use your WASD keys at least... there's instructions at the start...

Ok, now for the game: too easy, too short and there's no story to entertain the player... there's good music, and enough for such a short game, though it's an old game now... I must watch your recent submissions.

Not that bad, but not enough for the average score.

this game really sucks

every time i click something it says i cant reach it, and i cant move anyway. i have no way of lerning because the bearly visible info box doesnt even work