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A Platformer Tutorial 101

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Author Comments

Heres a platformer tut i made if there are any bugs please let me know

Also please recommend for the tutorial collection


You must have a basic understanding of flash and know where to put actiionscript otherwise this
tut will mean nothing to you

In the each frame of your character you need to put "stop();" without the quotes to stop it from just running like an animation

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You stole ALL of the code from "Epic Platform Tutorial". The graphics weren't too nice to look at either. I think that's a solid 0. Have a nice day. :)


How do you add enemies and attacks?


I found this tutorial really helpful, especially with the VCam!


There is 2- wait 3 tutorials that are better than these, but this is great. Also, can you pm me to tell me how to get the score on the v came show?

TheFlashGodz responds:

I beleive you would have to put the scorebox on a higher level and set it so its X and Y correspond to the characters + or - some value.


The frames go like an animation, i cant control them, and the frames keep flashing....

TheFlashGodz responds:

You need to put "stop();" without the quotes in each frame to stop it from playing like that.