The Test Run of Ada 8s

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**Ada should no longer fall onto the floor (that was begining to bother me). Also platforming is a bit more forgiving.**

This is a technical demonstration for a potential Point and Click adventure game featuring Magic 8 Ball Girl.
It's short, but it's fully playable and there's more than a few secrets.
So I decided to share it with my Newgrounds Audience.

Arrow Keys to move
X to Run/ Z to Jump

I got a lot of help from the "Ultra Platformer Tutorial" and the Platformer Tutorial by chunkycheese12, There were a lot of problems I had to work out myself, of course.


"Very nice game"

That's a very nice game, sprites were lovely, and dialogues were also a bit funny lol deserves a 5/5

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Very Promising

You have a solid idea and pretty good graphics. I'm expecting a great game to come out of this

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Yeah, really fun. I liked it and I would certainly play anything you can make from this.. Funny, decent looking, fun to play, nice sound teh package. =P
I just kinda missed a background (Just the demo I'll presume?)
I did discover a bug though, when I had picked up the green and blue blobs, decided to talk to them. I got Colin's first dialogue and the game froze up.

Keep up the good stuff.

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TX2 responds:

I think I fixed it. Not quite sure why it glitched up like that, but it shouldn't happen again.

That was good!

That was very good, the talking abilities was great, the animations were good, and the falling and dying off the edge clipscene was fan-tab-you-loss!
Cant wait for full outcome!

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Nothing much to do

Cool demo but really not much to do, wouldn't mind seeing the full one when it's done though, but you should have bigger platforms and wider hitspace for landing on the main character, I found myself falling down when I was close to half way on a platform making me believe you used shape flag on the bottom middle of the character, you should use two points slightly to each side, less frustrating for the player.

Can't wait for the full thing though looks like it would be good.

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TX2 responds:

I tweaked the coding regarding how she touches the ground. Hoping it addresses the technical problems you picked up.

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3.07 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2008
7:09 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click