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In the street

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EDIT BIOTCH: OH MY GOD.. HOLLY MOLLY!! IT'S MY FIRST FUCKIN AWARD (being a solo project) 2nd place :D greeeeeeeat. I'm really happy. thanks people :D
FRONT PAGE OMG ! OMFGOFMGOMFOGFOMGOF =D=D=D Thanks I'm so in love with myself..

wait what?

HELP! in the menu there's a song I used in the Audio Portal.. I can't remember the name.. if you know about this song.. tell me about it and I will put it the credits.. thanks :D

I'll finally did it. IT'S HERE. Well I wanted to put a easter egg but I don't remember something for the actionscript so.. enjoy just this..

This guy is out the street for a while, when he see the "big notice" first. He run out to give warning to
the people. Enjoy :)

Well WTF!?? I watched it and I don't know.. I have a little of bugs. I hope it was just my computer.

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looks like it should have been on the what a cartoon show from back in the 90's, awesome work dude

Kde777 responds:

thanks :D i just loved that style for ever


A fun character design, animation is a little limited but energetic and expressive. The character's personality is a bit one-dimensional. He sees an astroid about to hit the city and he HAS to go and warn the people and high-jack a rocket to save the day? I need him to have some stronger motivations? I'm not dissing you, I'm just saying. But entertaining and the story was fast-paced and ever changing.

Kde777 responds:

It's just like a random story. nothing too "real" y'know? it's based in something like that. thanks :)

Nice work, KDE777!

The animation, the music, the simple storyline... Were Just amazing. Keep it up, mate.

Very great Flash!!

I liked the flash! Your animation style very much reminds me of RWappin.
The animation was crisp and fluid throughout. The music was nice, flowed with the video very well, though it was a little loud. The flash had alotta "Oomph" and power in it. It felt like you put alotta time into it, and that it didn't feel like something that would be overrated and generic.
You had a few flaws that you may need to improve on however. The music felt a little too loud. I had to turn down my volume on my computer even lower than it was. And the flash could have possibly been longer, but at this point i'm just nit-picking.
All in all, it was a great flash. Had some errors and whatnot, but very minor.


- Aaron

P.S: Also, I like how you keep in touch with your fellow Newgrounders by actually posting reviews on other people's videos, and responding to reviews. That is a trait from authors I rarely see.

Kde777 responds:

LOL yeah it's right.. I realized it got some bugs (example: the guy's body in the rocket scene, it appears above the controller)..
The reason the movie* is THIS short, it's because it gotta fit with the song and everything. The song has the same name as the movie and etc.
I'm not an ego person, but I'm really proud of my movie, I watch it and it's like "whoa dude I made this shit, great :D"

P.S.: =O nice detail, that's right, I agree. A lot of authors don't make comments and I don't know, it's like they keep caught in theirselves or something. I'm cool with the deal that people watch my stuff and comment and make more "socials" and etc.

Thanks for your review, dude. I liked it (:

- Kevin D.

Hahaha Oh so very funny.

Sweet and everything. He surer stuck his landing and the Knockout monster omg.

Kde777 responds:

So you really love me? :D

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3.97 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2008
6:30 PM EST