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Heaven's Messenger

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Author Comments

Although this game may seem religious, or to have semi-religious themes. It is not in any way trying to convert you. So although there are angel's, and a heaven, try not to think of it too much.

Soar through the heaven's, dodging falling meteors, and ducking under flying pitchforks.
The goal of the game is just to last as long as possible.
Try to get to the top of that high score board!

-Arrow keys or WASD
-Mouse for bow

-Collect falling orbs for power-ups
-Watch your arrow count. Although you don't need to kill Devilkins to get these
-Collect falling hearts for extra hearts

A big thanks to Night-Mare (Lochie) for doing the coding for me. We got in some sticky situations finishing this game, and he stuck by me while we worked things out.
Another thanks goes out to ArcadeVoid. Thanks for the sponsorship fellas. You're awesome to work with!

This goes out to two fellow Newgrounds members. So as not to cause a scene, they will remain un-named.
In the production of this game, I said something very stupid. It was not mean't to be offensive. But looking back on it, I can see where I myself would get mad had someone said the same thing to me.
So, to you two, I am deeply sorry for that.
I respect the two of you far too much as Flash Artists to not ask forgiveness.
Best of luck to you in the future.

To everyone else:
Have fun and enjoy!!

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pretty awsome man looks good, great concept ,nice art

and very addicting and fuckin fun :)

Noodle responds:

Glad you liked it :)
I got some friends of mine to play it once without saying I made it, and they all sucked. They kept dying near instantly and got really frustrated haha

i agree with that guy below me.

its good but to simple and boring

Noodle responds:

This is just a tester.
My next game will be much more entertaining... I hope

Well made.

Good, I just don't care for these kinds of games.

Noodle responds:

Personal choice I suppose


i can't say i like it too much. you don't have enough amunition, the power-ups the devils drop go down too fast for you to reach them, if you run out of amo you have no posibility of recharching since you can't kill any more demons and i didn't like the music eighter. but the game has potential, so i can't give it a bad ''grade''.
good luck on your next project

Noodle responds:

You should be able to get arrows without killing devils.
Every so often some should just float by. Perhaps that feature isn't working :(


I give you a rating of 9 and a vote of 4 since it was ok not the best or the greatest but it was ok. And because of the ammo limit I understand it would be more challenging if there were less but try to get more in there next time huh?

Noodle responds:

I don't believe there is a limit to your ammo.
You start with a set amount, then you can collect more from there.
As long as you don't shoot I think your ammo will go up forever.

Thanks for the vote.
Maybe I'll check with Night-Mare to see if there is an ammo cap