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You are a Sushi Chef and must make groups of at least 3 matching sushi. Click on at least 3 matching sushi to make a roll. Be sure to not have an accident!

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Not bad, not great, needs directions

You have to put clear instructions in your game.

Could be improved, but it works

A couple reviews said that the game "doesn't work". The game is actually really easy - the problem is that the author forgot to mention to everybody that the chef can go to the Bathroom. If you click on the Green Door in the top left corner, the chef empties his stomach before he throws up. There's no limits or penalty for using the Door, so you can technically survive forever.

Tips for Players:

Like axolotl1 said, you can click 3 OR MORE same-type sushi to clear them

If you finish clicking on 3+ sushi, you can click on a different kind of sushi and the first set you made will automatically disappear

When the chef's eyes start bulging, use the Bathroom so he doesn't barf

You can use the Bathroom as MUCH AS YOU WANT without ANY PENALTY

Advice for the Author:

Expand and clarify the instructions. You need to tell your players about everything they can do, including the Bathroom and ability to clear more than 3 same-type sushi at a time. You might want to revise the audio too. It's a little off, even for a stereotypical voice. Other than that, it's a fun and simple game.

Well that's all I got for now. Sorry everyone who had to read through all of that :P

Extremley unplayeable

This is extremely unplayable.


It was...interesting...but why did the Japanese guy sound like a stereotypical Chinese guy? And what's up with cherry sushi? And why was chef spelt wrong in the title of your game?
2 points for being a working game.

It works.

In case you don't get the point, the object is to click three or more of the same sushi in a row to clear them. Your selection will either be cleared when you start a new combo or when it reaches the end of the board. If any sushi escapes to the end without being included in a combo, you have to eat it. If you make enough sushi, you level up, and a new roll is included. If you have to eat too much before you make enough combos, you puke and the game is over.
It's ok, although I thought the stereotypical Asian thing was overdone to the point where I was kinda cringing. Decent mechanics, pretty good graphics. The sound, I didn't personally like, but it was well done. Original and pretty clever idea, as far as I know.

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3.43 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2008
8:36 PM EDT
Skill - Collect