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EDIT DECEMBER 2010: Sorry everyone but Johnny Quest 2 has now been cancelled. Developement was started and the first level was complete but unfortunately my partner has chosen to give up on flash, sadly part 2 has been cancelled ;( If anyone wants me to release the first level demo, please private message me.

EDIT 2010: ...ok sorry guys but Johnny Quest 2 has been halted, I need a new partner but if I cant find one then its not coming out.
Game: MuffinMan
Johnny's computer: Prod Lad

WOW: 3.67!!! HOORAY!!! Thanks so much

A long time ago, MuffinMan submitted Johnny RPG trailer, which got plenty of Newgrounders excited but only now has this game been released. Countless problems like Prod Lad's hardrive dying X_X and some really mucked up sound. We've both spent many hours on this flash so please review with constructive critism, we'll respond!

Johnny is an average guy, not really smart or popular but somehow ends up having to save the world (I wonder why they didn't get the SWAT team ^_^)

Also, for some reason, there's a glitch on the start menu, it won't play the music so yeah

Anyway, enjoy playing the game, we'd like to say it was fun making it but...it wasn't, oh my, so many glitches!!! Anyway, enjoy the game!

It went through a name change, because it isn't an rpg, just an adventure game/driving/windows mock up. Enjoy!

Also, if you liked this game, be sure to vote on it and review. If it does well, we'll make another!

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when is jhonny rpg 2 coming out

Umm...I already have broadband...

If you start the car thing,I LOVE THE DISTRUKTION OF TELETUBBIEZ AND BARBIE!!!!!!!Crash,Upgrade,and Like the banana army...It's cool,LOL firefox explorer,Bill gates does not hate me,cuz I have nearly all his creations,and "Read summary",No one can hate juice,Even Cable wires,send random emailz!!!Do not follow Civilised people with disks.No pie,no part 2,No Random Puns :((((((

muffinman9 responds:

haha thanks for the review. Sorry, part 2 will not be released, production was started but has now been cancelled due to my partner dropping out. :(

:D plz

plz make pt. 2 soon!!!!!!!!!! 9001/5 9001/10 ITS OVER 9000 TWICE!!!!!!!!!!

muffinman9 responds:

Thanks lol

I liked It

I loved playing this game. It was awesome.

muffinman9 responds:

thank you kind sir


this is cool like i said your the best RPG maker ever i beat the game i get to see half eye and half alien guy sooooooooooo cool RPG you rule the RPG maker all hail the muffinman9 newgrounder

muffinman9 responds:

woah thanks a lot, I don't think it's the best rpg but thanks, and yes, BOW DOWN BEFORE ME