Halo3 Fun: a Machinima

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my first machinima, no capture card, so the quality is a bit bad, i apologize for that! the humor is a bit linear so don't expect much this was mainly a test. this was also made a long time ago! i don't even own a 360 anymore :P i am also terribly sorry for the file size but the quality was horrible unless i brought it to 80% so that is why the file size is so big. This was originally a test because i wanted to see if i could make a machinima and i through in some sound clips and made this. so please, don't review it complaining that the file size is too big. if you have a suggestion on something or on how to make the file size smaller please tell me :) enjoy. i have noticed that it lags at the dr evil part. i will try to fix this soon.


its ok

the comment below me is correct however. but i do not think it was THAT bad. i have seen far worse. i mean quality is horrible, but not TOO horrible. the only major problem was that this is not a flash and you should have uploaded it to youtube. well thats it. i hope you improve or else this project was here for no reason. if you upload a piece of shit, you improve it, or else it'll STAY a piece of shit.


The first rule of machinima: Use a capture card. I don't give a crap you put in the description you apologized for not using one. If you don't have one, don't make one! Simple as that. The quality looks like shit, head-bobbing is extremely unnecessary, guns pointing up in Halo machinima looks completely stupid (except for fight scenes of course), and I knew I was just watching gameplay footage of you waggling the analogue sticks all around the fucking place).

Of course, technically machinima IS gameplay footage, but you've got make some sort of cinematic experiance out of it. Just take Red vs Blue or Hard Justice as prime examples.

Keep the camera rested on one player's face, instead of flailing it about all around the fucking place in theatre mode, and you should try and avoid using the third-person view in theater, and and also NOT the first person.

Also, if you think about it, it's also a cut-corners way of making machinima, and if you put that little bit more effort, it will show.

I can't explain everything that you need to do to improve on your crappy machinima making skills, but I'd recommend searching up "DigitalPh33r's guide to halo 3 machinima" on YouTube. Maybe then you'll learn exactly why this is full of fail.


PS. And please, don't come coming to me with things like "please stop being so mean if you dont like it dont watch it!".

Well, I might be being a bit mean, but this is what they call "CONSTRUCTIVE criticism" (look it up). This was full of shit, and you need to improve.

Sad but true.


that was some fuynny crap. but for the dr evil part, you should have mad mr biggleworths (eleit) run up to the cam and wack it.


Kick ass finally sum proper funnny fuckin halo3 thank you so much


DOMINATE! I LOVE IT ha ha ha. I Loved the "You guys picked the wrong transsexual stripper to mess with!" part! Great job!

FEAR25X responds:

thanks ^.^

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Nov 1, 2008
3:21 AM EDT
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