Flecko's Halloween

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Well, I made this for the Halloween Flash-Off. I had been working on this, unrelenting, for the past month.

I had to cut out quite a bit. The last week was the worst and the audio suffered, to say the least.

Anyways, this is Flecko's Halloween, so sit back and enjoy.


P.S. You can download this flash on my account at deviantArt at http://fleckogold.deviantart.com/art/Flecko-s-Halloween-102391365

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So as I sit here and get ready to write this review, I am already decided that you have put some decent effort and you gave some good Focus to alot of this and in trying to make it really good, inwich I think you have acomplished. so from start to finish I was amused and entertained, keep up the good effort and good style. You did put a scary mode and feel into this as soon as the opening scene starts up nice visuals and overall really came together, the vices are pretty good but there is some "STATIC" when you get some high pitched voices. You have an idea here and something decent here, I had fun with this one but it could use some more effort as suggested below and above and hope those ideas help to make it even better for all, but even as it is it was pretty decent if you ask me, keep up the decent efforts though. And hope to see more of your flash-works sometime soon.

Ok here is some insight on a few positive ideas and some things I saw that could be looked into, So lets really jump start this flash with some new and old ideas, That can make for some positive changes. there was some static on high pitched sounds so maybe some sound quality work.


FleckoGold responds:

I figured as much about the sound, when I listened to it later on. I agree. I've thought about putting more hours into audio practices, I could probably get good at it, but as it stands, now, I'm mainly "visually oriented", creatively.

Thanks for the info. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've kept at it since this cartoon's release. I feel I've made a lot of headway in my style, and I'm looking forward to releasing a new cartoon as soon as I can get that remaining time into it.


Awesome.. Jusr awesome.. :')

He's all squishy-squishy wif da ded fishy.LOL.That sentence made my day!



Ill admit

Fleckos badass with a katana lol