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The Dot of Excellence 11

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Hey, this is the dot of excellence here. I want to say sorry for the whole jesus thing. I censored it out. It'll never happen again. But enjoy another stupid dot movie. Hehe

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I'm sorry to say but he has the right to so and write whatever he wants. if your are blaming him because it said R.I.P. Jesus that is wrong even though it is VERY offensive to many people. There is nothing against it (at least of what i know on NG and the US) he can do that. There are people who gave there lives for those rights and who are we to belittle him just because of that. Before you say anything about me i am catholic so i dont want to here no accusations of my religion. i have to say though that was TERRIBLE i gave you a zero because every aspect of the animation was terrible, sorry.

u should b able to say rip whatever u want

dont let the censoring haters try and shut u down son, they probably arent american. freedom of speech and religion etc etc.! so you have a rip jesus tombstone in there, what do people want him to do, not rest in peace? if he is dead and stuff... if u have to sit here hoping not to offend people with each little drawing then the terrorists truly have won! but seriously ur cartoon is horrible. u should like work on compressing the sound files because a cartoon like urs should be like 10kb and not 1.5mb. better luck next time.


I warn you i might whistle this

p.s here's a nill for you you,you racsist!

Wegra responds:

Whoa, man I didn't mean to be racist. I'm sorry I'll change it right away!

change description

This failed, epically are you aware you can be banned for submitting hateful content.
You can't be too careful some cristian could get offended by the tombstone and you could get banned. In all th only good thing was the music.

Wegra responds:

I guess I didn't think to clearly. I never meant to offend anyone. I censored it out. Sorry if I offended you!