Riddle Me This!!

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Hello everybody! This movie took me a half an hour. It wuz really ez to make, and i thought it wuz kinda funny! So i hope u enjoy the movie
cya around




fuck them

i thought it was cute, and quite humorous, specially the guy screaming at the end!

Too Big

Lower the file size by converting the bitrate on the wav or mp3 file next time. WAY TO BIG will turn away vast majority of modem users.

Kitchwa-Klan-6969 responds:

I know that it is way too big. In most movies I will trim the song down but because this is self navigated by the viewer, I have no clue how long it would take. That is a good idea of converting the bitrate, I'll remember that. About that 0, I think you forgot to stick the 1 before it. Give me a break. Some people are only satisfied by flash movies made by highly paid computer programers. The great thing about Newgrounds is that beginners can stick things on it and people will see it. It's people like you who screw it all up. Go make your own movie, wait you have one, Smiley Dance. It sux and I'm voting 0 on it right now. At least you've used flash unlike most reviewers. Wait a minute, did you rate it 0 because of the file size. I rate yours 0 because I feel like it. At least you gave me advice, but maybe you should use it yourself, and improve you dance video. The movie, although alrite in flash, has no humour or anything of the sort that would actually make anyone want to watch it. I can't believe that it is still on Newgrounds, oh well only 1.56, one of my movies is at 3.58, going up quickly. I don't mean that you are the only problem on here, I respect your opinion more than most others, but still giving a 0 is not always best. When I review a movie, unless it is extremely offensive or some word poping up, I'll give it at least a 1. Well, now I'm reviewing your movie, and that I will give a 0, why, because I'm just getting back at you for what you did, gave me a 0. Why do I care so much? I don't, but I am bored so I feel like typing. If you are still reading this you have no life.


The fact that that was about 4 megs is just...... wrong in so many ways and on so many levels.


With something like this you should work for the makers of the game DirtyMinds.

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2.74 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2002
4:25 PM EST
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