Click Fest 4

October 31, 2008 –
November 7, 2008
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Author Comments

Click Fest is back and it's better than ever! With 6 brand new stages and 3 classic stages, this 4th installment will make hours seems like seconds!


View Statistics Button - Click this at the end of your game to see how many balls you clicked per second, how many times you missed etc etc

X-Ball - Avoid clicking the X-Ball, as it will add 2 seconds to your precious time!

Sequential Levels - Instead of all out clicking carnage, you have to have quick hands and eyes to click all of the balls in order.

Classic Levels - Play your favorites from the past right here!

Music Changer - Select any song you want by clicking on the drop down menu during the game!


Use your mouse to pop all of the balls on the screen as fast as you can! But woah, not so fast! You are now penalized for clicking and missing the balls on the screen. Another new feature is the X-Ball. Click this bad boy and you will be penalized by 2 seconds!

Fun Facts:
Over 4,500 balls are used in Click Fest 4
The average user clicks around 3.5 balls a second in Click Fest 4
Click Fest 4 is a great game


You dd a good job bro. Arcansi and ChunkyCheeseFaggot can go back to sucking each others dicks while working on shitty flash games. They don't even compare to you.

i am a fan of the clickfests and this one is no differant....i also like the fact that you answer the comments so far (although that didnt change my judgement)its ashame newgrounds is littered with so many fags and idiots (see front page game Fuck Mr. hatchet or sumthin like that)

to arcansi: it seems like someone has had a troubled childhood.....anyone sane would kno that just because click rhymes with dick doesnt make it porn, perhaps, my friend it is YOU are the sick fuck here....not inverse....so yeah just come outta the closet and let the memories your dad burned into you free....you would feel alot better afterwards..and next time read the post rule specificaly this
~If you are giving this submission a low score, please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist. The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole.~

anyways back to he game....pretty good concept and i dont think i have seen it executed so good in my time, it reminds me greatly of button hunt but at the same time makes me think nothing of it....keep up the good work and PAY THOSE DAMNED BILLS

The people before me are very ....Stupid.
And one of them was stupid enough to click "10" instead of "0".

"YOUR GAME SUCKS! 5/5 10/10"

Heh, anyways, the game is fun and I like how you entertain me by "I gotta pay my bills!", it feels like you're someone who will keep me there even if the game sucks (which it doesn't). The only problem is that I don't like simple games, but thats just my opinion, the graphics were nice, though, but maybe a bit' too messy? I could help you with the art if you need any help.

Again, don't care about the stupid kids below me, keep going with Click Fest. :)

4/4 9/10

I like these games because I like simplicity. Any chance on a Click 5: The Clickening?

I TOTALLY AGREE LOL BUT TIMES 2 COS THIS IS LIKE GAY LOLOLOLOL :). But yeah, its mega boring. Clicking? How original...NOT :).

For fucks sake, 4,500 balls? Click fest? This sounds like a homo-erotic porno you sick fuck.

The guy below me is an idiot. Don't play a game which is labeled "Clickfest" if you don't like clicking. But nice game.

I fully realize it's the theme of the game, but man. Too much clicking. Giving myself carpal tunnel is not actually fun. I tried to like it, and of course, I didn't actually give myself an injury, but I'm shaking my wrist out after playing a few rounds here.

Mouse control games are ok, as while there is a similiar theme on precision and speed, I'm not killing my fingers or wrists in the attempt. And reaction games are ok. Clickfest though, is a speed drill on hundreds of clicks.

I do appreciate the effort making the game, and I encourage you to try more ideas out. Just my subjective opinion. This is just one of those ideas that clashes with one of the fuzzy grey rules of game design.


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3.67 / 5.00