Coded Hallway

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Official walkthrough now available at: squidoo . com/coded-hallway#module1 07531501 (remove spaces)

Merchandise available at: zazzle.com/goldleader23*


I've uploaded the game here, and on Kongregate, Mochiads network, and Flash Game Distribution network, however if it shows up anywhere else, that's okay, too, because I still get ad revenue from Mochiads.


In Coded Hallway, you will be given a riddle and a code to decipher using the riddle as a hint. Once you decipher the code and go to the next room, that code then becomes a riddle to help you answer a new code. There are ten codes in all. Can you decipher them all and make it through?


This is my first game, which I used to help me learn Flash. I hope you like it, and there will be a sequel. Have fun! If you get stuck feel free to PM me.

Known bugs:
The error message on the first riddle doesn't go away (gameplay is not affected). I had some weird issues with it.
The music stops looping if you mute it, and then un-mute it.

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tricky and very good^^

we had a really good afternoon, but we are from germany so we had some probs with things like the name of the film "National Treasure" in german it's "Das Verm├Ąchtis der Tempelritter"... completly diffrent
thanks for making this game, we hope to meet you in person soon^^

either I'm stupid or this game is too fucking hard

probably both, i can get past the first riddle, wich is simple enough, but i do not understand the Rising Sun one, and babel fish has always been retarded for me, so thats no help to me at all...i give it a 7 because of the POTENTIAL it has to be a good game, not cause i think it is one


Mor clever than I, who was stopped at the Army of Darkness "Code" with three textboxes. I couldn't figure out what they were there for, even tried to enter the real spell, one word in each, but didn't work :/

not my style

Couldnt even figure out the pw to the first question :s noe the "enter password :here" the next one.. so ya.. uhm no

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3.25 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2008
8:21 PM EDT
Adventure - Other