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Zombie Hell

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Help the 10 people survive 10 days of zombie hell! and collect as much cash as possible !
Kill the zombies by using your baseball bat, or upgrade
to better weapons to kick zombie ass!
Use the house as a place to recharge your energy when zombies are not attacking it!
There are 8 weapon upgrades available and body armour, although your people can only have one weapon at a time.
Your people start off in the house. Click outside the house to move them out. You can put them back in, by clicking on the house again. However, if a zombie is attacking the house, any people inside will lose energy
instead of recharging!

Collect money left behind by the zombies and then click on the weapon icon to buy that upgrade for your person!
Some zombies also leave behind medical packs!
Click on a face icon to select that person. Then click anywhere on the screen to move them to that position. When they are inside the house clicking outside of the house moves them to that position, and clicking the house when outside returns them to the house

When outside you can also click on the person directly to control them.
To make a person attack a zombie simply move them close to the zombie and the person will attack with whatever weapon they have! Different weapons have different ranges though.
Pressing 1 - 9 and 0 on the keyboard also selects the corresponding person.

"p" to pause.

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Good game play... would be better if you could

Good game play. Would be better if you could select people easier.... like how you select multiple icons and move them on your desktop.


something does it good but the game type is not it would be more fun if it was 1 person shooter.

Great Game

Hard as hell, but thats why I loved it, Really gave the feel of what zombie games should be.

Good try

i mean it was a good idea, but low graphics and difficult to manouver characters as well as to small in combo with easy to dieness kinda lames it out a bit, keep trying same concept but improve on it.


buy a rifle and when it shoots click ur self well in the circle around u then u will shoot again its like a machine gun just keep clicking