The Sea of Glomp 1.5

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1.5, Major upgrade from my original "The Sea of Glomp" found here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/392528
New areas, new features, same great taste.

Use whatever you can find, however you can. Chomp things smaller than you for health.

The Sea of Glomp is an action-adventure game which is basically an homage to the Atari 2600 classic, "Adventure", but there's more than a chunk of me in this game. Oldschool to a fault perhaps. I expect younger gamers to be annoyed by the one-item-at-a-time mechanic. I happen to love the fact that you're forced to make that choice.

Thanks to the bat and pseudo-randomizer, every game is different. Should be some replay value there.

I made everything from scratch... from the music to the drawings to the math and physics and every scrap of scripting.

I hope you like it, obviously. Above all things, I love creating places for others to explore.


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I had very vague childhood memory's of this game, and a few months ago i found the game once again, i played for a while and realised this would take some time. So a few months later i sat down and finished it after all this time.
It may be the nostalgia but there is something i always loved about this game.
Maybe its all the hand drawn art?
Or maybe its the feeling of adventure?
But, i have a feeling it has something to do with the creator seeming to have enjoyed themselves so much making this game.
And while the game lacks animations for the most part, its made up for by the lovely hand drawn artwork, and the surprisingly strategy based gameplay.
Either way i would recommend, but don't expect anything fancy for the ending.

wow, this game gave me a bad time as a kid, i hated it and played until i beat it. I still hate it, but made me some cool memories. Love it

Enjoyed this game so much I made a map for others. It's helpful without being a spoiler.


EXTREMELY HARD. No proper instructions, like how to use the item your currently holding, how to defeat enemies, etc. If there was instructions, they were WAY to brief. I've played games where there is minimalistic instructions, and beat the game...

I like the idea of using one thing at a time though.

The game can be awesome and hard but i finished the game until the the egg hatched and eat his father

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3.86 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
11:29 PM EDT
Adventure - Other