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Our official submission for the Halloween comp, hope you like it! Also, I know it's a bitch, but judging from beta tester reactions, it may be helpful to actually read the instructions. Just sayin'.

Quick tips:

--You CANNOT KILL THE WEREWOLVES! Just jump over them.

--People wearing GOLD clothes give the most blood, followed by BLUE, the RED and COPS are tied for the least amount given.

--Remember to PRESS THE A KEY in the gold marker IN THE VAMPIRE CAVE to actually drain the blood and get the TIME BONUS.

--Find some time to get stabbed this holiday, despite popular belief, it's actually quite enjoyable.

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Nice time killer the time limit wasn't much of a hasle I always got there in around a minute but there's no way to win which is unfortunate. The music is good and I liked the way the werewolves ran but the Game Over screen with the phrase "Atleast you took some innocent lives down with you!" Sort of bothers me but in the description and in the game it tells you your killing innocents but the inability to win makes that phrase become a slap in the face.

TheMillz responds:



this game is near on pointless. i was killed several time by the vamp for no reason. 3 health left and over 1 min and he appears. it never seemed to get harder.
sorry but this game flopped

This is a pathetic waste of time.

Maybe if there were things in there like a real story or at least less monotomy, this would be interesting.


I have a couple complaints. You see, when you're returning to give the blood, werewolves like to be entering the screen, which means you have to jump before you exit the screen on your way to returning to give blood or you'll get attacked by a werewolf. Also, the sound when you finish donating blood and it "gives you more time", really hurts. At least a Warning that, "This has loud continent", would have been great. Because it's really a loud screeching noise. Also when you lose the game too. There's the same noise and it's really painful to the ears.
Other than that, I enjoyed the little game play I did, and I think it's a very interesting mini game. Other than those two problems, I'd say it's an okay game.


Cannot give blood.