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What if Egoraptor did Bioshock?



You know.. the problem with those "what if Egoraptor did bla" flashes is.. well.. uh.. you click on "play" with an "Uugh.. not another one" expression on your face.

The most well animated thing was the preloader. When learning to animate you should rather seek your own style instead of trying to copy someone else because it makes your learning-progress more complicated.

bytheway, I think "AwesomeShock" sounds better than "BioAwesome". :P
(I try to be constructive for once D:)

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Nicholas-Deary responds:

I changed the name a little while ago.

And I just wanted to do one Awesome parody, it doesn't mean that this is my new animating technique.


haha i rofld at the end. xD

What if Egoraptor did BioShock?

It would be Awesome, different from this piece of SHIT!

WHy do people do this?

They say "what if egoraptor did -----?" then they make some shit cartoon that he would not have made atall. The cartoons are shit becuase although i will admit the awesome series is pretty random, these fan-made flashes take it to the extreme. Having the big daddy talk like a black gangster isn't true or funny, it was just random. Egoraptor makes a random flash if the game ACTUALLY WAS RANDOM!. Theres never somthing in his flash where its like "WTF? thats not true". Plus i dunno if you so called "fans" have been watching his recent flashes but they are not as badly animated as any of these fan-made awesomes. Finally, i wish people would stop making these all together, becuase i want to see more from egoraptor, he might have been making a bioshock awesome for all you know but now you stole its place. Leave it to the pro, nobody can do it as well as he can.


Cool movie. The animation may not be very smooth, but it still works! Judging on the other reviews, I think this is one of those things where it's only funny if you DIDN'T play the game, like me....

Nicholas-Deary responds:

lol, good theory ^_^

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Oct 30, 2008
9:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody