Power Tank

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Stay alive as long as possible by shooting enemies, picking up credits, and upgrading your tank.

WASD: move
Mouse: shoot
Space: enter upgrades menu

Enjoy! :D


Very fun.

Well, this is definitely a great shooter. I love games that just let you annihilate stuff, and this is no exception. The upgrades are fun and well balanced.

Unfortunately, there are two problems with the game - for one, there's only one type of enemy, so the difficulty essentially comes from there being more and faster enemies. So I suppose that a few new enemies would be nice.

The bigger problem is the whole doubling thing for upgrades. Doubling your points takes a long time, especially at higher scores and half the fun is from getting to improve your ship. So by making upgrades come rarely, it makes it less fun. Perhaps you could add 10 to the required each time, instead of doubling - I dunno.

A final note that comes as a result of the rare upgrades is the recoil, since it feels like you get relatively few upgrades, so you want to spend them on the seemingly more useful abilities. As a result, I only spend points in the firepower and rate of fire, since it seems like the shield, speed, and recoil increasers won't help me kill stuff. So it eventually gets to the point where you can't move because of recoil... but maybe that's just me. Maybe if I spent points in it, it wouldn't be as big of a problem, but then I can't kill more stuff! I dunno.

Either way, more upgrade points would encourage spending them in different areas. So apart from that, it's a fun game, and a great time waster.

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you actually should put a actual place to spawn enemies... becoz i keep losing life when i near the end of the frames...

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I think it was fun but the enemys spawn so close I lost most of my lives just trying to get experience :)

could be better

1. get hard to fast
2. don't like the idea of recoil
3. the number of points to gain a level increases to fast
4. only one type of tank, should have multiple tanks with specials in them and stuff like that.

with those tweaks and some of the other tweaks mentioned i think that this game could be the new tetris, well mabye not that good but pretty close

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I was reading some of the comments made, and based off the experience I had with the game, I'd like to point out the need for a short, very brief tutorial. When I first started playing, I thought the only way you could move was shooting and utilizing that small recoil. Boy did I ever feel stupid when I finally tried the WASD keys. Sure makes the game easier though. Apparently others didn't know about the upgrade menu? I'm merely suggesting a short 10-15 second tutorial that explains the control layout, because even though you have an instructions button, most users want fast, fun enjoyment!

By the way, the game was fun :) Congratulations.

kchamp responds:

Good idea. Ill see what I can do

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3.89 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
7:38 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 4th Place October 31, 2008