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Grey matter is an anti shooter, or a shooter without bullets.
Essentially your the bullet.

Run into the exposed brains of incoming attackers to destroy them.
Killing 3 of the same type of enemy will cause a "Trinity attack" killing everything inside it.

Avoid enemy dangers (flashing bullets, tails, teeth and lazers)

Download the stand alone version here
http://www.newgrounds.com /downloads/flash/greymatt er.zip
(it runs faster)

-You can upgrade at any time in game by pressing P or Esc to pause the game.
-Shields are most important and should be purchased first.
-Holding shift will not only slow you down for better control, but it will also extend, and speed up your options that spin around you.
-Trinity Attacks will increase your chain multiplier which gives you more points for upgrades

All the rest of the info is in game

-Edmund & Tommy


Grey Matter can be played with the Xbox 360 controller using FlashJoystick.
To install FlashJoystick visit
http://flashjoystick.pill owfortgames.com/
To install mapping for this game you'll need this file.
greymatter/greymatter.fst ick
once FlashJoystick is installed, if you just hit open instead of save for the .fstick file, it'll auto load into FlashJoystick and you'll be able to play.

Special thanks to Tommy for FlashJoystick!


Nice Time-Waster, Enjoyed

Had trouble "aiming" my character at certain enemies with the controls, especially the ones you have to hit from the back. Because you can only move side to side or diagonally, it's tough when your target is rotating in full 360 degrees. That aside, it was an amusing shooter type game.


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It won't load, it's stuck at 45%.

Great, but difficult.

An excellent game, but it was difficult to play using keyboard controls, movement was very sensitive, making it difficult to play properly without luck. This was made worse seeing as though I don't have an Xbox 360 controller, but I can hardly blame you for that can I?

A suggestion for future games like this; let us use a mouse!

Everything else about the game was perfect though, a sort of level up system (which I love), challenging and different enemies and bosses!

Keep it up.

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A good challenge

As always, Edmund McMillen keeps impressing me! I love your dark humor! I beat the game, it was hard but not impossible. However, Boss Mode was too easy, 99 lives, full upgrades? You just have to beat the boss a second time to unlock Expert Mode. I still need to beat this one though.

*** TIP ***
Something the authors didn't say: you're invincible during a boost. It's a good way to get pass barrages.

Rather difficult

It had a good concept and a good game structure, was clearly well thought out.
But i found the only way it could be played well was through an Xbox controller.

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4.29 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
1:39 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional