Abomination Assembler 2

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Assemble your own Abomination!
Blend your own Beast!
Create your own Creature!
Your worst nightmare is coming alive!!!

Version 2 - special NewGrounds Halloween Edition!
Thanks to everybody who reviewed and gave me feeback on version 1.

A demon/monster-part-dress-

Idea came up when watching the fantastic creatures from the new Hellboy movie (www.hellboymovie.com/cre atureAnatomy/creatureAnat omy.html)
Some years ago I saw this Demon Generator (which I didn't watch (again) until after my gadget was finished (because it could ruin my own ideas)
(www.torvenius.com/bilder /animation/summon/)

Drawings and flash programming (c) 2008 dawnland.com

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Interesting concept

I was instantly interested here, you have a good concept and its unique in its own way, you brought together something new and old and made it all work for itself, so nice job indeed on all this, and i hope to see more efforts in a possitoive way ofcourse. this was an interesting concept you have here, it was rather differant from other dress up games, i think it being in black and white kind of helped as it shows all the effort and all the differant "CREATIONS" here must have tooken lots of time but the effort shows and for that its a plus on your part, so there was some great detail in this, I think one thing that could really make this better would be to add some "COLOR" like each little part or something but anyways you have a really good piece of game here. And while it may not be your best i still found this to be an intriging piece of work, and good design about it all, it was all pretty interesting and even entertaining so i commend you on the work you are doing with this form of entertainment.

I love these types of entries because they do come with a sense of something differant and unique, and theres also a sense of style that also comes with them, So you could try and add onto that, so i have made a few ideas that may help. so you did well with this and its really creative, you should think about adding some "COLOR" and maybe make the "BUTTONS" more bigger so that they are easier to click on.

I like it

It's kind of like making a darker version of shel silverstein's drawings

dawnland responds:

Thanks for the high score and kind words!



I think 10 is a little too much for this "game"......
In other games you first create your "hero" and then you start the game .
It is original but it is not that complex

dawnland responds:

Totally agree since it's not much of a game but since there are thousands of dress up games I thought that it would be suitable with a monster mixer for Halloween.
Thanks for reviewing anyway.



great ideas and good drawings. Maybe a few more options such as backgrounds or weapons? sound is needed!!
(woop first review)

dawnland responds:

Thank you for reviewing and the high grade! I don't think that I will evolve this project any more (and 12 times 7 give you much variation of the creatures).
But thanks anyway.
Sound is a good idea!


A cock?

Even though the animation wasnt good,the game was nice.Cool monsters.Especially the cock.

dawnland responds:

There is no animation in this (just the change bodypart/random-thing), but thanks for the kind words and the high grade!


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3.35 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
6:50 AM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up