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This game is very simple. Just press cannon to shoot the ball. One Cannon, One Bullet, One Chance.

Your main objective is clearing all balls on the screen by shooting them with cannon's bullet to finish all of 70 levels.

Game control:

1. Mouse

Point and click mouse, use the in game tutorials.

2. Keyboard

Q to quit the game and go back to main menu.
R to replay current level.
M to toggle music.
S to toggle sound fx.


If you feel this game is too hard, you should read and follow the game tips by clicking "Game Tips" button on the main menu screen.

Thanks to:

1. Josh Hunsaker for creating "The End" song, it's really great!!
2. Exava R. for testing the game.
3. Soybean for editing the game text.
4. All player, reviewer and voter, I hope you enjoy it..

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THIS GAME IS EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


did u steal these sounds from portal?

I like it.

All that I was going to say has already been mentioned i.e. incredibly tedious after Lvl 24 but an awesome game. I would like to add that I stuck it out though...to Lvl 26. Also yeah it's a good game but I'd have to say you'd really need to be in the mood to play it through.

also got to 24...

...but then I got bored. It plays pretty well, but so many elements dont come back. Why make a big deal about the ricochet spinning the cannon when it only happens twice in 24 levels, and the 2nd time there isn't even a target. I do like the game and would love to see an update with more.

Gets boring reaaaaly fast

It takes timing and patience but that really doesn't make a fun game. Its entirely too simple to gain my attention for long. I got to lvl 14 before I decided this was entirely too tedious. I'm sure they'll be people out there who love this sort of perfect timing/patience game.

Credits & Info

3.78 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2008
11:21 PM EDT
Skill - Collect