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My Pivot Collab

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well this is my first collab so please don't rate badly because of the stupid window size because i have no idea how to use flash so please rate fairly.... please

thanks for thw reviews guys i will give you feed back as soon as i get time and yes i know i need to learn how to use flash xD .

This movie will be redone in the near future

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try easing

i love you

nuff said

4NeverDead responds:

thnx ;) im comin out with another one (but better) soon

Bad presentation

And if you didn't know how to use flash then you should't of put it into a flash until you figured it out. The presentation of your work is terrible, and thats just as important. Its like your saying, heres my work, then you spit on it. How do you expect others to give you respect for your pivots, if you don't present it respectfully.

I don't care if you didn't know how to use flash, you figure it out before you hand it out to the public. Don't come up with excuses as to why it looks bad just to get others to pity you and vote higher.

Also now we can't include your the skate animation into the main movie of our collab because you put it on here. Seriously wtf.

Lastly this isn't a collab, its a compilation of just your work. A collab is when a team effort is made to make one giant project.

4NeverDead responds:

thanks for the honest review narf.

But im taking this down anyway to fix it my friend helped me with my flash skills and i realized it wasnt a comp when i uploaded it so ill fix it and take out the skate animation

Nice Job

Haha, I was there as you were making these, in the Pivot Showcase thread on the forums.

Nice job man.

wow... pivot?

thats pretty good for pivot, mine suck