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Space Bugs

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Shoot down the invading enemy space bugs before they run you down, in this revived version of the classic shooter.

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You can do better. This game reminds me NOT of Galaga but of Space Invaders yet none of the invaders move once settled, there is no auto-fire and the opponents must take multiple shots before being destroyed.

If you're interested in a good shooter with tricky movements from the enemy ships, look to Phoenix from the arcade.

Your game

that was really fun
I get hooked on games like this

Galaxa rip off

It's a ripoff of the arcade classic "galaxa" but without the fun.

enemies die in 3-4 hits, you die in one hit: apporpriate for a very hard difficulty setting, but not for the first few levels of the game.

the instructions menu is blank. high-scores as well.

good :D

fun addicting but you really need to make the first monsters at the start a bit more easyer :D