Air Traffic Mania

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This is the first flash game, in fact the first piece of programming I have ever done. I am very proud of it and happy with the way it has turned out. I hope to find some success in flash game development and receiving a sponsorship on the first game has certainly started me off on the right foot.

This game is somewhat different from most flash games (I notice this especially in the 'Game Category' drop-downs I have to select from), however I tried to create game-play that is heavily oriented towards the flash game genre. Regular mode is simple yet challenging, with a distinct learning curve. My Airport is a classic builder mode. Skull Air is for people that just wanna blow stuff up. And if you can't get enough plane-landing, then Time Challenge is for you.

So I hope you enjoy the game, thanks!

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I would have rated this game epic if it were a choice, awesome sweet first game ever

Sweet and original!!

This is a great game thats is like nothing else. Every mode is something new and i can easily spend a hour playing this game. Killing the birds in the sky is especially fun if you don't crash. Also landing the space liner is sweet. If anyone wants to challenge my scores play it on kongregate because im the high score for skull air or just post yours. To the guy below the My Airport mode allows you to create your own airport so I think that may be what you are talking about. And to the other person talking about planes following you they do chase your planes just sometimes they try and crash into the runways, radar, or tower defense and destroy them after 1 or more crashes.


I have no idea what the guy below is saying, this game is FUN!! Wow, such an original idea! I think you really have something here. I love this game, but i don't agree with the idea of "if its not borken, don't fix it." It's not broken, but this is how i would improve it:
-The whole "skull airlines" was kinda gay, and the fact that there were AA guns and SAMs at O'Hare Intl was even gayer. Instead of that to make it more difficult, make some "airlines" have poorer avoidance skills than others and determine with different colors, but still allow each airline to have different types of planes with different attributes, i thought that was key in making the gameplay as fun as it was.

-Even though I LOVE how you used relativly accurate runway layout of the airports, I think it would be cool if in career mode you make your own, which leads to my next suggestion...

-UPGRADES UPGRADES UPGRADES!!!! Start with a small airstrip. As the levels progress new upgrades unlock and the player can buy them. Upgrades could be as follows... Better Radar: planes will begin to take avoidance manuvers at a farther distance than before. MORE ATC CREW: Planes withen a close proximity to the airstrip and only a few degrees off course will line up for landing automatically. Level up will extend distance and degree angle necessary to activate (make sure to progam avoidance to overide the auto-landing so the upgrade doesn't fly planes into eachother.)/ Flying for Dumbies Work-Shop: better avoidance A.I./ Air sickness bags: increase angle of turn for all planes by precentage./ Runway extension: longer runways./ Terminal size: more airplanes in the air. Player assigns airlines to the terminals. Does not effect where the plane must land, but the ratio of planes of that type in the air. More airlines unlock as game progresses and player can choose who is in the air.There is a quota for total number of planes which increases as the game progresses/ More runways: place runways./Eminent domain: increace map size for more room for runways and space for planes. (screen is same size, just zoom out)
-Monies: Have the player make money for every plane that lands and loose money for every plane that crashes. Keep the part where the bigger, more difficult planes to fly give more money, but subtract more when they crash.
-Airlines: General Airlines: Basic airline: normal price, normal avoidance, normal everything. Majority
Budget Air: Hires shitty pilots in order to give make bigger profits, give a little more money but they have poor avoidance A.I. sorta rare since only people with a death wish fly it.
Flying Frills: Give lots of money but are slow at turning, rare
Southwest: Again, low price give more profits, but they crash if they hit one flock of birds (lol). good amount in the air.
idk, those are some ideas. The player can make incentives for more of certain airlines by cutting average payout perlanding or buying more terminals for the specific airline.
idk, those are some ideas. will take more programing but will make a great game an epic game.. love it and I want to see more!


pointless so deserves no points >:-(


I really enjoyed that game. I've been playing it for the last hour.

Only complaint would be that you really don't have enough time int he later levels of the classic/normal mode, and I would have liked it if pirates were more of a real thread instead of jsut flying around aimlessly. Have them chase your planes and deliberately crash into buildings.

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4.50 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2008
2:05 AM EDT
Action - Other