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Daily Mouse Maze Big Size

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October 28, 2008

It's super hard this time so I made the screen 1 2/5 times bigger! It is still too hard for you? This is the third trick on the Halloween Daily Mouse Mazes! Have fun and enjoy it. Theres more super size coming up soon! Also, there will only be three more daily mouse mazes after this so enjoy them well!

Apparently, it's too hard and my family member gave up. Try to beat it though. If you can, you get a reward (I'm kidding).

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y r u stopping

i kinda like them.
just press overide sound settings when u export. makes it a smaller file :P

There are still ways to cheat

Great game, but you can still right click and press tab to instant win.
I would rate it 10/10 but the paths are slightly too narrow. Therefore it took me nearly an hour to complete it.
Well Done. Great game. Keep it up!

i cheated...

im sorry... i had to... i dont have even a fraction of the patience this looks like it requires to complete plus i dont have much of a steady hand.. so to me its seemingly impossible/extremely intimidating and i want to get as far away from it as possible.. checkpoints might be a good idea? iono 2/5 6/10

fun,interactive, annoying

It was pretty tricky, but I managed to figure it out in my head. I just kept hitting the edge and getting sent back to the beginning which got way too annoying. Other than that It was awesome, Keep up the good work.


u fixed the clicking thing but u can still right click. just a heads up so u can fix it or sumthing