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Mental Cartography

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This is my first submission. Maybe not usual Newgrounds fare, but I'm a long time fan of the site and keen to submit something original. Hopefully to be soon joined by some of my other, more heavily animation based work.

This was a project for my course at Chelsea College of Art. Called mapping the territories, it was a research project. The subject I chose to map was interpersonal relations in a quite personal way.

I collected my 'data' (the audio) from a night with my house mates, sitting around and smoking, etc. Although I think the animation is fairly self-explanitory; the conversation appears on one side of the screen, and the thoughts produced from it appear on the other.

An experimental brief, an experimental project. I hope you enjoy this short 'art animation'.

Please watch with an open mind,


P.S. Ooooh, did I hear the word 'feedback' mentioned? Yes please!

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That was great, I hope to see more from you sometime.

tonedeafmessiah responds:

Always fantastic to hear that A.) someone's watching my work, and B.) someone's enjoying my work. Thank you sir, thank you very much!

Hopefully new animation soon. I have been far too busy taking time off to party recently to get some decent animation hours in.

Determinism, The Chaos Theory and GUI

This is good can you make one while you're trippin?

tonedeafmessiah responds:

I would love to when I get the chance. You never know - this could be the start of a series!

It's really great to hear people appreciate something that's a little left of field to the usual newgrounds fare.


I actually thought that was really cool. Good job.

tonedeafmessiah responds:

Thanks :)

Very original, only one real problem...

I really like the thought bubbles more than anything else. The only thing I really found a bit annoying was that they were small so it was hard to read fast and they went away fairly quickly. I'm really not sure how you could get around it in an easy way without changing the animation a lot though, because I can see how with you text only command prompt style it could be a bit difficult. So all in all it was a very nice change from the usual stuff seen around here... too bad as far as most things go in NG that means at first it might not catch on and could get graded as mediocre an then some how the next will be a huge success, so don't get too down if you don't get the score you had always hoped for...

tonedeafmessiah responds:

Yes, this was very much an experiment. You may notice by the odd aspect ration that this piece is designed for a TV (full screen viewing) - which is part of the reason the text is so small. The other reason for the slightly illegible text is the fact that they are intended to be 'lower order' thoughts - so less attention need be drawn to them. In essence an attempt to represent the chaotic tangle of thoughts that our minds produce.

In any case, I am very glad to hear you enjoyed it. Hopefully soon I shall be uploading a far less text-based music video, thus a better example of my skill as an animator.


I think this was a pretty successful little experiment. Provided an interesting look into the mind of...well, YOU. And twice more after a respective number of spliffs xD.

I'm still fucking hungry.


tonedeafmessiah responds:

Yeah, recreational drug use can do that to you :P

Very glad you enjoyed it, thanks a lot for the review!