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Tom Vs Saw

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A tribute for the new release of Saw V for the Halloween Competition.

Tom's Life is in your hands, can you get him through the tasks fast enough to save his life?

Live or die, You decide



u should make a lot of other ones but instead of Tom Fulp....u should use alot of different characters...like Salad Fingers for ex.....
lol Salad Fingers

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Oh well...

The game is awesome but the minigame is impossible.

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fun but 1 tip

the minigame is impossible

I like it!!!

Just sayin'.... But I'd rather die than kill my eyes like that. Well.... I'm just very fond of my eyes, (it's my instinct to protect them. I'm hearing impaired, so I desperately protect my eyes.) Poor Tom, DX I was practically screaming myself when the blades went through his eyes.
The credit song......
La, La la la, la la la, la!
Freak me out. o.O

Didnt find it that hard.

Yea it involves lots of clicking and after a couple play throughs your arm gets tired, but i beat it in my first time. Mini-game though... whole different story.

I liked the voice over, well done there. and the artwork was also very spot on.

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3.74 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2008
7:07 PM EDT
Skill - Other