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Tom Vs Saw

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A tribute for the new release of Saw V for the Halloween Competition.

Tom's Life is in your hands, can you get him through the tasks fast enough to save his life?

Live or die, You decide


Pretty Good...

I dont think it really captured the true essence of the series though... The device and the line "now you will find out what it is like to be judged" didn't really line up... yes the fact that it was a game and you are judged on your mashing skills works but not the actual device. Otherwise good job!

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JonRichardson responds:

Well what I was aiming for was that the viewer was the one who was judging Tom on letting him live or die through their decision but Meh

This is only a tribute to the Movies.


but I'm just one of those people that dont like button mashing games, have no challenge rather than just pressing a button.

JonRichardson responds:

I totally Understand, I'll try to improve the gameplay alot if I ever try to do something like this again.

Ty anyway.

Damn Cool

Awesome , should win

JonRichardson responds:

O you are so cool Man! remember that time we were skipping through the fields of flowers to reach one another and when we got to each other you slapped me and raped my mum.

Good times
Good times


I liked it. It felt alot like something in Saw. Although it was button mashing it had eye candy. If you call blood and painful moaning in a dark basment eye candy. It was short with only one situation. Perhaps different scenarios if there is a sequel. I literally finished at one second the first time through. Good make more.

JonRichardson responds:

Thank you for your review. "Noted"


it isnt really fun unless you're a sadist lol but its well made. you gotta make more stuff to do thou, not just clicking a red button

JonRichardson responds:

Understand completely, will try to do something more next time, if there is a next time :|

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3.74 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2008
7:07 PM EDT
Skill - Other