Mini Defense [1.3.2]

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EDIT: I think i nailed most of the major bugs (no new features just less bugs)
I dummed down the turrets power and made enemies give less credits... let me know if its still too easy , or if there is still the unlimited gold glitch (which i think i fixed now,sorry lol)



make the screen bigger, it's hard to see some of the text. or rather all of it.

Almost Perfect...

... but..

The bullets went through the enemy then disappeared. Maybe make the enemys be in front of the bullets or something IDK

I had the sniper, and the enemies dissappeared before the snipoer bullet hit them...

KMibu responds:

sorry, its just lazy coding... the enemy still incurs the damage, but in my code the damage is assigned at the same time the projectile is launched and immediately gets removed if dead but thats uaually b4 the bullet arrives.. i'm working on a not-so-lazy fix for this right now.. it will take a little change in the method of coding the attack but i've almost got it figured out.. i hope that explains it well sorry

A fair start to a potential frontpage

This game is a good start, and you have the basics down. The graphics were basic, but actually quite original (or at least, to me). We've seen the same gun/archer turrets a million times, so it was good to see a basic shape. It could be good to see a "tiled" floor when placing buildings so we know how much space each tower takes up.

I'm sure you can grab some appropriate music from the audio portal for free if you're not a musician yourself, and you can download the basic sounds for free (gun/laser noises, for example).

I met a glitch when placing towers - I clicked one tower, then another (before placing the last one) and from that point on I couldn't place any towers at all.

The gameplay was fairly average, but again, a good start. If you add in, for example, upgrades to towers, more of them and perhaps something to differntiate the game from other tower defences (I'm not a game maker, but you can come up with something original), a half-baked plot and different game modes (with the whole "rewards" system) then you've got the makings of a frontpage game.

Keep it up!

Not bad!

Not bad at all!
Noticed some major improvements since the beta.
However, I still found it WAY to easy. Once i'd flooded the start area with turrets, and upgraded them, enemies had no chance :P
Perhaps code in some difficulty levels that can be chosen at the menu? So players can choose how difficult they want the game to be.
Also, there seemed to be a long wait between enemies. Cut some of the time off :)
Keep going with it! I cant wait for the final version!
Good job so far!

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Glitchy, but fun!

Tower defenders are one of the best games in flash history :P
But there are some glitches in this game to. When i click a tower and click at the ground nothing happens.

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3.01 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2008
1:21 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense