Gone Too Far

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I HATE this flash. It's cursed. It has been such a huge pain in the testicles this past month, that I hope it gets cancer. Pancreatic cancer. And then I hope its cancer gets AIDS. Pancreatic AIDS.
This is my official submission to the Halloween 2008 collection.

This tells the story of a boy, dressed as a werewolf, who goes trick-or-treating with his friend... and then some kid with a social disorder and bad taste in music decides he wants to put on a mask and kill them. Dandy, eh?... and keep in mind... there is more to this story than you'll see here....

I would like to give a special thanks to my friends Kyta and Eric Stanistreet for this one. Although they were part of the problem in proposing new and alternate endings that kept changing my mind, I really owe them a lot for offering their help. Thanks guys. You're the greatest!

EDIT: Front Page and Daily Feature. Not bad. I am most thankful Newgroundsers. Most thankful indeed.

EDIT: I guess I probably should have made this clearer a long time ago. Yes, most of the music is from rayman 2: the great escape. I do credit all the music at the end of the movie though, you just have to click on "credits."


I remember seeing the sequel, so I had to check this out. The best part of this was probably the animation. I mean, it's just beautiful! This guy looks like Bitey. Is that a mask or his actual face? The music was great too.

It's still not much compared to the sequel. This works better as a music video. The zombie design was great. I still don't know what happened. I guess he shot himself.


Very spoopy.

Nice animation! Too bad I didn't watch this anywhere near Halloween. *Poker Face*

do that a werewolf?

Actually if you see in Gone too far Too video h didn't die he killed the dude and took the gun but got in trouble with zombies and this zomebie who is singing"Zombie Jamboree"

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Oct 28, 2008
12:49 AM EDT