The Horde

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The game can perform a little laggy on older computers but if you click the "Speed is normal" button you'll go to a fast mode where animations and glowing effects are disabled.

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Not bad

It was enjoyable, but it was pritty much the same thing tho all the lvls. but i did play it for awhile and it kept me intrested the whole time, great job 5/5 9/10


i dono why this doesnt have a better score but i gave it 5/5 10/10


Well let me first say that this is a VERY good TD game. I do have some small suggestions for you though, if you're willing to patch it up a little bit.

-give a little extra cash for starting a level early.
-try to add a little background music
-give one of the turrets a splash damage ability.
-The fire one needs to be more expensive and the cold one less expensive.
-I need a better reason to sue the more powerful turrets. You can get through just fine by just building enough of the first towers.
-more enemy varieties
-some sort of storyline
-map editor and unlimited/sandbox mode
-some buildings that you can build in the "dead zones" of each map. Buildings that when upgraded add a bit of damage, eliminate an enemy's resistance, lower enemy speed, stuff like that. I also want to see a building that gives you interest on your cash at the end of each level.

-And the most important upgrade IMHO to do first - add an easier deselect for that info box. Just clicking outside of it or spacebar would do.

This is going in my favourites. Great TD dude. I hope you have time to implement at least a few of my suggestions. PM me if you need any more ideas or need me to expand on one of my suggestions.

5minutesoff responds:

Thanks for all your suggestions, I've put it all on my to do list. :)


=D yay

Good job

I was fun and not lagy

Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2008
11:03 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense