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Odd Todd Halloween 2

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hallowwen special for odd todd

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This is a great cartoon and I have no idea why this has so few views. From what I've heard, you're one of the most popular animators on the Internet! I guess some websites aren't for all people. I appreciate how you keep up the cheesy animation. Whenever there's color in it, it always stands out. I love how you touch on so many cliches with him talking about the house being on Indian burial ground and stuff. My only complaint is that it seems to go on a bit too long.

Of course, I didn't start with these cartoons on your website or anything. I guess the numbered parts represent numerous years. I loved how the guy with the job offer was the scariest of all to Todd. While the animation isn't that good, it actually does have some fine details. I love all the audio bits from horror movies.

Cool one

5/5 10/10 as allways ....

hillarious (as always)

excellent especially the part that the manager knock his door...


Oh man that was actually pretty good!
Ha the remix of the McDonalds Halloween special at the beginning was pretty cool.
That pumpkin at the behinning scared the piss out of me!


Lol! That was sweet! He's not afraid of ghosts or witches but is scared to death of work!