Twilight Knights Tutorial

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This is not the offical game, I was advised to release a tutorial due to the nature of the game, which you may call "awkward."

Say what you will and vote the same way, but don't vote low just because this isn't the offical game, you've been told that this is a tutorial, thank you.

Next to come is a actual Demo, then after that are a series of "full versions" I probably wont be able to make more than one or 2 battles per submission *3 would be pushing it* I will also have an interactive land scapes and maps.


This looks promising

Definitely let me know when the full version is released!

4everZer0 responds:

Will do ^_^

Good idea!

The battle system modifies on classic Final Fantasy battle with the stack feature, defend command and action points. It makes you really think about your next move. If it had some demo of an actually fight, it would have been perfect

4everZer0 responds:

actually thats what Im working on right now :D

nice tutorial

Although i havent played your game, it looks like a veru informative tutorial to your game, which now has made me want to play it lol. Could i plz have the link to it??

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ordinarily i'd rate it 0 because its crap, but...

saying it makes poop look good is so much funnier. 0 rating on the review tho

4everZer0 responds:

you dont have to lash out on me just because your daddy loves mommy more, im sure someone elses daddy will love you just the same.

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3.14 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2008
9:20 PM EDT