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Bright in the screenCHAOS

rated 4.17 / 5 stars
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Oct 26, 2008 | 8:14 PM EDT

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Author Comments

A little game I made about the condition of human social behavior.
Or something.

Glitchy as hell, assuming hell is a glitchy place.

Enjoy your chaos.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Game is not making sense

Okay I have tried playing the game about 20 times now and cannot get past the first level. I go to the right and click on the door and then it just goes to the gray screen. I figured out that I could jump up to the other exit but when I get up there nothing happens. If I keep going right I just fall into the gray screen again. I've also tried clicking the commit suicide button, nothing happens. I'm not knocking the game because I get the feeling that it is something I'm doing to make this happen. I'm sure the game is a lot of fun but I haven't gotten the chance to have that fun. Could the author or someone explain why this keeps happening. If it makes any difference I'm on a Mac.

HapPie responds:

Just keep walking right, dont jump.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice game, nice idea, but getting very difficult...


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's a good game...

But the red guys are just too damn difficult to avoid! It's impossible!

HapPie responds:

Yes, it's impossible.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The game was unique... (12.Red walls jumpy floor.)

I expect I won't get a response from this. But I get the feeling that what you said about the game being about the condition of the human social behavior was true. The entire game presented you with an eerie combination of scenarios and experiences that were ultimately meant as a foil weren't they? The fact that you become a red freak, was the fact that person controlling the character is the red freak. The fact that red freaks hurt you is the human tendency to avoid social behavior in general and the pain it can bring. The dissapearing red freaks were probably people who needed you to survive. The second to last level is a testament to that. I'm guessing here but that level probably represents what the red freaks feel. As for the last level, since you were going to become a red freak anyway, the only real question becomes whether or not you are a red freak? If you are you follow the doors and looks for opinions when things become difficult, accepting opinion as fact. You become that which seek to find the answer to. Thus in the final level, either you go on, or you realize that the end door is really an endless pursuit to nothing. The option to stop playing is just justification for the truth about all of us being red freaks and individuals.

I presume the bright in the screen is just the endless pursuit of answers or the what the red freaks are actually thinking.

Overall great game. But really glitchy. To the point where dying gets to the next level.

1.) Just follow the level and go the right. Go the left and you fall and get killed by a red freak.
2.) Follow the platforms and go up. Read and watch as you go. Realize that since the cable is gray you might have trouble seeing it later.
3.)Don't click the red button (They want you to do that). Red Freak on top, trap him in the nearby trap. Pull hinge, go under. Go to the left, press button. Go right, avoid red freak. Choose either elevator or hinge, fall.
4.)Go right. Read rules 2/3. Realize that you are the red freak because you play and understand through repetition.
5.)Click either button or stake ( giant block to the right that is rigt below the red freak). Avoid red freak and pass to the right. Watch movie (realize that people tend to be persecuted for the most minor offenses.) Go up. Avoid red freak on left. Go right Push Button. Go on elevator. Draw red freaks below elevator. Pull elevator down and kill freaks. Repeat with second. Go to door.
6.)Avoid red freak by staying at edge of platform. Go up. Go up. Push button. Avoid red freak. Throw the red freak off if you can go down and quickly push the elevator up. Otherwise simply jump over the red freak as he comes back and forth. Push button on left. Draw out freak on left. Jump over second red freak. Push Door. (Realize that the movie is about people who beat up other people over small crap and don't actually help fix or correct that crap. *This is you Newgrounds community*)
7.)You are the red freak. Push character towards elevator. Go up. Jump ahead of character. Push button. Go forward with character. Draw freak on elevator. Pull elevator down. Push character back to other elevator. Draw red freak away from the elevator it came down with. And put the character back above. (Sometimes the red freak glitches down.) Go to Door.
8.)Same ordeal. Different problem. Push character as close as possible to elevator. Go down. Push elevator up. You have 6 seconds to push character across. Go. Go forward. Get as close as possible to second elevator, but not on it. Draw freak close to edge and make him fall. Go back down, push elevator up, freak is pushed aside. Skip empty elevator for now. Repeat as with last freak but this time get the freak as close as possible and go back to the empty elevator. Go down, pull freak closer. Go up, push character back to elevator, push other elevator back up. Go through.
9.) Go through art. Go through door.
10.) Use inner light to check. Elevator up ahead. Use mouse to check for enemies, use inner light to make certain. Careful of runners.
11.)Same thing. Just use mouse

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HapPie responds:

Response here.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


im on the third lvl and im stuck in a room with a black button to press... HELP!!

HapPie responds:

Walk to the left, even if it scares you.