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Bright in the screenCHAOS

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A little game I made about the condition of human social behavior.
Or something.

Glitchy as hell, assuming hell is a glitchy place.

Enjoy your chaos.

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very creative

A breath of fresh air

I am happy to say that I really enjoyed this game. The game itself feels fresh and original, and the atmosphere really enhances the whole experience; the choice of music, combined with the scenery, gameplay, and objective, really justified the mood. A state of confusion, and eeriness ensures in this twisted world of yours. My complaints are, the obvious glitchy nature of the game at times. Another thing I disliked was playing as a red freak. This is in my opinion, I just didn't enjoy playing as one as much as I liked playing as the protagonist. The difficulty also felt forced, and pseudo-like. Despite all of that, this game is really fun and definitely worth playing.

I'd give you a ten, but...

If you know it's glitchy, try and fix it. I could not get past that level in the dark, because of all of the glitches. Got to the door and it wouldn't click on it. I must of played that level 20 or more times. It also starts you off at the level before it. Annoying. The idea and overall play was great, but I couldn't take the glitches. I usually don't give up on a game, but I did on this one. I was looking forward to seeing the end.

i think i got the message

after alotof thninking ive come to a conclusion

screens are the government people
they always takes care of us and gives us orders for our good(or that is what he want us to think).he seems your protector but he isnt.if you try to go out of the borders he set you..stuff hapens(when you go against a wall there is a sign of -WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?-and you die in an instant)
when you are close to the end,they change your route but they make you believe that its your fault
red freaks are ordinary people...nobody wants your good
some are agressive and want to harm you
some will hurt you only if you annoy them
others will pretend to love you, and act like if you are away they are in pain and when you get close , they strike,they use it as a trap(the ''friends'' generally speaking)correct me if im wrong
the common sense of red freaks
if you like what they like its ok if not you are an idiot(ordinary people)
they also learn by imitation , so does human beings
the game is representation of life
its extremely furstrating and unfair

is that the message you want to pass or am i wrong?