One Big Morphing Orgasm

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*edit* Due to popular demand I've turned it into a screensaver for MAC and PC.
There are links in the movie to the download page.


*edit* Daily 4th!! A really high score! I wasn't sure if you'd all like it, THANK YOU!!

Okay, here's the deal. Over the past year or so I've been animating morphs when I'm bored and can't think of a clever idea. They're a great exercise to get your head around keyframe to keyframe animation, you just have two drawings and draw new pictures inbetween them again and again until you have a smooth morph. Yeah, so I put one up as an animated gif in a newspost about a month ago, and Luis said I should get a group together and make "One Big Morphing Orgasm." So I did. What an amazing story... I bet they'll make a film about it one day starring Tom Hanks.

So uh, thanks to all 47 of the people who made parts, the musicians for their great tunes and to all the people on newgrounds who stopped by the forum to offer their support.

Watch the movie, leave a review, if you're feeling generous submit it to the collab collection, then just lean back and feel your brain melt.
It's kind of like a lava lamp, I think it makes a great screen saver.



this was just freaking amazing

TheBoogley responds:

thanks! :D
did you smoke a cigarette afterwards?

Excellent Movie!

This is the type of flash that not only needs more than one look, it deserves it!
All you guys did an amazing job putting it together!
There's little to no redundancies in the animations.

I truly was not expecting this. :P

But you did an amazing job! Beautiful art and music!

Happy composing! ~ Wynn

TheBoogley responds:

thanks! I may hook up with you guys for some sound design in the near future... :D

Top Ten right here!

This absolutely blew my mind. I can't believe it. This is one of the best things I've ever seen in my entire life. I watched it twelve times before I realized it was over. The coolest thing I've ever seen. From a scale of one to ten: 59. Good job! Not even I can animate that well!

TheBoogley responds:

I starting to think that you like this animation a lot... :)

woah O.o,,, XD

the alien boobs=best part

TheBoogley responds:

very true :)

I wonder...

... What it would be like watching this while tripping off my balls. Anyway, I can see that a LLLOOOTTT of hard work was put in to this so I'm gonna rate 5 and submit to the collab collect. You don't really see that many animations like this. EVER. It's awesome.

TheBoogley responds:

thanks mate, I agree. Everyone did a great job! :D

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4.39 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2008
6:59 PM EDT