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Generic RPG Ep. 1

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Author Comments

This would have been on Deiviant Art but it was takendown (and a chunck of my other submissions) so I switched to Newgrounds.

It would have been with sonic characters but after listening to some rants I changed it to this.

A guy comes to someones dreams to tell him about the Element Shards and tells him to go find it.
The rest will be explained as the series goes on.

I forgot one thing there are three appearances where Miles "Tails" Prower comes in for a short while try to find him and if you did, put a review about it (comment)

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Well it wasn't bad but it wasn't spectacular. You have followed the typical old story arc so far but a bit of a character lead in would have been nice. Anyhow I'll keep watching and hopefully your skills will grow with the series yeah?

you my friend have got a subscriber 8D

i loved it... can't wait for part two!! it's funny, exciting, suspenseful, and makes me think that you have potential!! Loved the original sprites... sonic would've been to boring and unoriginal, so you made a good choice listening to those people 8D. 1 thing i ask of you though, when and if you make part 2, please try to watch your spelling, and maybe make a neater dialogue box. the invisible thing is ok, but maybe if you created a different box, you would get more views and a higher rating... hell, you may even get front page!! So, in conclusion.

Story, Sprites

Needs improvement:
Text, Spelling

Nothing to me

p.s. maybe you could have the characters show a little bit of remorse for their friend dying? i mean.. she just died and they're like.. "ok, and?"... just saying! good job with you're story, and i hope you continue making it!

spootman1 responds:

I just finished episode 2 yesterday.

just wait till episode 2

and I'll make a movie where there's clips that I forgot to put in at the time.
Is that alright with you?

this is pretty good...

i think u got a budding series on your hands here...

only 2 problems i saw were the text (set a command to move it ahead with space or something along those lines) and the variety...

i mean varieties good but i seen or heard at least 10 different things involving various games...this was too much! i lost what you based this on 5 minutes in.

didnt lose intrest though 8/10! as i said this looks like a good series, but there was a bit too much variety as far as sound/backgrounds went; work on that for next time, and also a way to advance text...maybe even a scene select like alvin-earthworm does (big fan of his smbz series).

on a side note, good way to end it! keeps me guessing enough to watch ep. 2 if u submit it.

they all have good ideas below me

Yes something to make the text move would be great alot of taken from stories but it gets harder everyday to make up an orgnial that isnt taken. And it seemed a bit chopy in parts defently could use a bit of polish on the art work. but other that good idea i would like to see this carry on.

looks interesting

not bad, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET US MOVE THE TEXT! like, make the text advance by hitting a button or pressing spacebar....

spootman1 responds:

sorry not that advanced in Flash. Until then try to read with what they are saying.

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2008
12:59 PM EDT