You Been Cloggin' Long?

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I never thought I would do it, but here is my first flash creation and first submission to Newgrounds!
I tried not to let it suck too much.

Vote what you think is fair, and please feel free to give suggestions. Keep in mind that I have almost no artistic talent and my willingness to devote large amounts of time to a flash movie is minimal. Other than that, anything that can help I'll be happy to hear.

Who knows, inspiration may strike again someday (although by then the free trial for CS3 will have ended).
Thanks for watching.


Needs a lot of work

I think it was pretty funny just to show those two little kids do nothing but dance all day. I was impressed by the authentic country style music that was being used. The biggest fault this flash has is that it just needs to be longer. This seems more like it could have been used as part of a collab, rather than something made on its own. I would suggest using this for something like a Dailytoon feature. It needs to have more of a punchline, if there was even supposed to be one.


its was kinda cute n funny...

make it a loop dude, that would make it better

also speed it up n add more movement...

poetafit responds:

Yeah, if I did this again (which I probably won't) I'd definitely speed it up. As for the loop, I'm not sure I could manage and keep it vaguely in time with the music.


The kids made me lol.

poetafit responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

ha ha, nice

that's one of the few "first movies" I've actually protected. It was really short, and their movements seemed pretty slow, and there wasn't exactly a story... but you know all that, and it was cute. Nice start.

poetafit responds:

Thanks for the protect. I was really not trying to be too ambitious with my first.
Thanks for the comment about movement, I think I should have probably bumped up the frame rate a bit. I'll keep that in mind.


Good job! Wow, that was funny as hell.

poetafit responds:

I'm glad you got a laugh out of it.

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Oct 26, 2008
3:04 AM EDT