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Free style rap

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I decided to pick up the mic and start free styling and this is wat i got in about 1 minute so here it is

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Wow this sucks i did it at like 12 last night

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Its fucking great!

wow this is sum of the best shit ive ever seen you got skills son and you can go far, dont pay any attention to these other loser reviwers who say it aint good, ur fucking pro =D


The Freestyle wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great. The vocals were really tough to hear so making out some of the words was tough. I don't think I need to comment on the animation, you know about that already. Keep practicing man.

A decent attempt.

That a good try, but I can hardly call this an animation. The animation is irrelevant to the rap, and felt like it was tacked on as a useless addition.

y64 responds:

Hahahha D: yer a jew, Any way ya it is irrelevent to the rap but i still did it in a minute ?:D

audio portal lol

put it in the audio portal, it's funny when there's no movie attached. :)

y64 responds:

Lol thanks D: i wasnt aware it was funny

Ok.... ummmm....

We could say this really had a funny audio.... But it wasn't a quality one... and... ummm.... the animation.... There really wasn't animation.... I was bored since the first 20 seconds....

y64 responds:

Not quality D: i supose and the animation ya it was crap