NintenStory Part 1

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This is my first ever submission to Newgrounds where my character fights link
It is a very short fight i hope you all like it



Wellls pretty cool :D Because you're a better animator then me to tell you the truth I never mastered those 'fight scenes' ah well you deserve a 9 :3

Criticizing nazi coming in :D

First off the clouds are going so fast it's making them choppy, it just doesn't look good when it's that choppy if you really need it that fast increase the fps but I don't recommend it if you are at 24-30 fps as it is. I was still able to read the text but the speed is a bit fast for most people so slow it down, add back shadow to the text so it will be easier to read or simply just make chat bubbles in the maplesim simulator. The clouds when the jump up.. bad, they are not meant to be placed on top of each other, just side to side. the most effective way to probaly make clouds moving up is have the clouds zoomed in so it fills the whole screen, blur it a bit, then have it shake in a fast motion.. it takes practice to get it to look nice but it's a pretty effective way to make clouds move that way o.o;

Well you can animate fighting decently so I won't criticize on that much. at least you got fighting down pretty well :P

And of course one of the main reasons for the low score is the lenght of this, if the movie isnt great + it short + sprite, newgrounders just hate it. May be better off on youtube where everyone is nice, I dunno.

Gl on future stuff~

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Soulsafloat responds:

OMG u gave me the best review congratulations!!!! u got all of my bad points too! and u gave me my best review score u rule XD


Its good for your first.
But here are some things you might want to improve in the future:

1) Make the text move slower
2) Try to make your flash make sense, (such as, have a storyline or something).
Why did they want to fight? What did The maplestory character have against Link? lol, good luck in the future

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Soulsafloat responds:

Sry if I sound mean and im not targeting you but WHY DO PEOPLE BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE WAIT FOR PART 2 AND THE STORY WILL MAKE SENSE - THIS IS MORE OF A PROLOUGE! (or however u speel that XD)

Eah its your first

The drawing was ok but it was just some random swordsman killing the little guy at least give it a name ( mabe next episode or something ) and throw in a few splatters of blood occationaly less of this blood droplet thing OK

Not bad

Great idea, and concept, cant wait 2 see the next 1, but yeah, the peeps definately talked way to fast

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2.48 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2008
5:59 PM EDT