How Shall He Die 1 - M136

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Finally, it's finished. I've done loads of projects before this one, but I never got to finishing them OR submitting them. So I decided to finish one of my old projects. In this interactive game/movie you can choose how a guy dies out of 4 ways.

By Murad136.

Soundtrack credited to the left and other sounds from http://www.partnersinrhym e.com/

Thanks! I'll reply to all comments, please be nice ;).

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Cool game BTW I tried Madness and lol he kill him with a knife

Is awesome

well, the madness one DEFINITELY should have gone farther, and you are officially NOT WORTHY to use madness 6.

i love muffins

this was some good stuff

Chicken nuggets are good and waffles with red lobster bisquits

make another game


Nice idea, not enough content.

It looked quite rushed. Even though it was a stick figure type game, you could probably have worked on your characters a little more. The animation was quite simple as well, but I could see you put some effort into it.

The song suited the violent nature of the game, but was a little too loud, was a bit harsh on my ears.

OVerall it needs some work. Maybe adding more options, and improving the character looks. Nice concept though

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Murad136 responds:

Yeah, I admit, it was very rushed, I've learned not to rush it though! Thanks for the tips!

Too simple

I think that this piece needs to be taken further, preferably by developing how blood splatters really work, then adding this to your piece. Without wanting to sound harsh about your drawing style, the stick figures looked bad, but it really could have done with using the madness characters if you could draw them so well. Concentrating on how you draw your protagonists will really help the look of the flash.

More methods of killing could be useful - Acme rockets, Anvil dropped on head, torn to shreads by wild dogs, that sort of thing, possibly even the Monty Python foot off Doom, that descends from the top of the screen to crush the whole scene, just for a laugh, perhaps.

That's just a few ideas for you, so that you can hopefully take it further.

[Review Request Club]

Murad136 responds:

Haha, thanks for the ideas! I never thought of the funny aspect! Well, I'll be honest, I didn't really try hard on the stick firgures, because if I did it would have taken me 1 extra week, and I was anxious to release this one! Thanks for the review, everything has been taken to mind!

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3.10 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2008
8:01 AM EDT
Simulation - Other